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   Greater Midstates Welcomes You to Our Website!

Greater Midstates was incorporated in 1994 and is licensed in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri and Arkansas. Our corporate office is located in Stronghurst, Illinois.

Our mission is to provide quality markets to agents who wish to remain independent, as well as captive agents wishing to join the ranks of the independent agency system. We work only with contracted members and all members benefit by having a number of excellent markets, as well as the ability to share in contingency commissions and other incentives. 

Greater Midstates Insurance Agency, Inc. is a unique insurance cluster. The reason that we say unique is because we are unlike other insurance clusters. Why do we say this? Well, because our membership fee is very low (it is possibly the lowest fee when  joining a cluster). Another unique thing about Greater Midstates Insurance Agency, Inc. is that contingency bonuses are shared with the members.

What do you think of Greater Midstates so far? Well there is more!

Some clusters, when an agent decides to pull out of that cluster, make the agent buy back their book of business placed through the cluster. Good news! Greater Midstates Insurance Agency, Inc. does not own any accounts that our agents write through the cluster. So if and when the time ever comes that they want to pull out of Greater Midstates Insurance Agency, Inc. all that we would require is that you give us a 90 day written notice and the premium on the books should be moved away from Greater Midstates Insurance, Inc. in a 12 month time frame.

Sounds pretty good so far doesn’t it?

Many Greater Midstates Insurance Agency, Inc. members are smaller volume, more rural type agencies, agencies in small communities. We have helped many small agencies keep their doors open and grow their book of business through the cluster. But we also work well with larger agencies in metropolitan areas.

Some of our carriers offered through our cluster consist of Travelers, Safeco, Forreston Mutual, AAA Chicago, Encompass, Allstate, Founders, Met Life Auto & Home, American Modern, Columbia Insurance Group, First Chicago, Foremost, Mercury, State Auto, etc. 

We also have MGA’s to help with those difficult placements. Another type account is niche marketing. Appalacian Underwriters, Grand General, IPMG, RLI, RPS/Scobie Group, Markel, BITCO, Insurance Brokers of Indiana, USG, Us Risk Group and Premier Ag. can help with these. We also have contracts with major carriers for life & annuity products

Sounds like Greater Midstates has something special to offer right? Well, we care about our members and are not afraid to go to bat for them. 

We firmly believe that working together, everyone achieves more! 

Whether you are an established  agent or are thinking of becoming an agent, we would enjoy hearing from you. Please fill out our Contact Us Form and submit. By completing this form you are under no obligation to join. We will answer your questions and help you through our process to join the cluster. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your time!

Greater Midstates Insurance Agency, Inc.
William Wilson, President


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